Charity campaign – Football Crazr

Our Council has 250 tickets to sell. They are $20 each with 23 chances to win per ticket for 10 weeks. If you have taken and sold tickets, please turn them in at the hall. Last year we sold 97 tickets. I would like to see us sell them all this year if possible. As of writing this newsletter we have 74 tickets sold and turned in. If each member sells one more, we would have a sell out! We do receive $5.50 of the $20 pack to our council. This will increase the more we sell. If you need tickets or would like more to sell you can call the council at 330-773-3410 or Steve Dort.

Please return all sold tickets by October 23rd, 2022 or before.

Upcoming events

Oct. 23: First Degree Ceremony 11:30 am followed by Browns watch party
Oct. 26: Monthly drawing and potluck
Nov. 1: Rosary 7pm
Nov. 1: K of C meeting 7:30 pm
Nov. 19: Reverse Raffle at the hall
Nov. 30: Monthly drawing and potluck